TLAB – Current State of Hearing Protocol

To date, the Toronto Local Appeal Body (“TLAB”) has postponed all hearings and suspended all filing deadlines between March 16, 2020, through to and including August 14, 2020. As a result, the TLAB will reschedule those hearings that were postponed. It is expected that the rescheduled hearings will follow the typical timelines provided for in the TLAB’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.

As a general rule, the TLAB has suspended, and will not schedule any hearing events, including electronic hearings. The exceptions are settlement hearings, single party variance only appeals, and electronic hearings where the parties agree and the presiding Panel Member overseeing the matter consents.

When requesting an electronic hearing, Parties and Participants will be asked to complete a survey that assesses the technological capacity of attendees. Where attendees have the technological means to engage in an electronic hearing, in our experience, the electronic hearing will likely be scheduled.

Upon resumption of regular service, those with postponed hearings will be issued a new Notice of Hearing setting out the procedural steps that must be completed before the Hearing date.

It should be noted that the TLAB may make exceptions where compelling circumstances warrant; however, we anticipate such circumstances to be very rare.