LPAT Video Hearing Guidelines

On July 2nd, the Tribunal released a Video Hearing Guide that applies to all electronic hearing events. Though the Guide may be changed without notice, suggesting it is a work in progress, it sheds much needed light on how video hearings should be conducted.

While the guidelines contain a series of best practices and preparation tips for successfully using video conferencing technology, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that participants in a video hearing should treat the process with the same decorum and gravity they would an in-person hearing.

Video hearings may be independently directed from the LPAT, or requested by a Party or Parties in a proceeding. However, not every case is suitable for a video hearing, and Parties are able to object to a request for one.

Video hearings will be normally made accessible to the public, and individuals may obtain hearing details on request from the assigned Tribunal case coordinator.

Tribunal video hearings will be generally conducted using GoToMeeting. All participants in a video hearing should review the best practices contained in the Guide to prepare as best as possible for the conduct of an orderly hearing.