Update on Development Review, Permit and Inspection Services

On May 11, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing filed O.Reg. 209/20, which amends Ontario’s Building Code to require that municipal building staff continue to review permit applications and conduct construction inspections despite the COVID-19 Emergency. Additionally, the amendments provide for the issuance of conditional building permits for non-essential construction during the COVID-19 Emergency. However, O.Reg. 209/20 does not permit construction to occur if it is not deemed “essential” and therefore permitted by O.Reg. 82/20, it simply provides for the issuance of the permit.

In the City of Toronto, building permitting and inspection services are being offered and new building permit applications are being accepted electronically. The Committee of Adjustment has also scheduled its first hearing to occur on June 3 and notices will start being sent to applicants next week, with less complex cases being given priority.

Please click here for an update from the City of Toronto on what planning and development services are currently available.